Oct 12

Southern 11 was born from a simple idea. Why isn’t there any good soul food restaurants in the UK? After a stint in Manchester Arndale the Northern foodie brand came into its own when their Spinningfields Flagship opened earlier this Summer.

Now, you don’t come to The Fashion Network’s Blog for food reviews. However, one thing we do know about it drinks!

We were invited to sample the cocktail menu, not just any cocktail menu: the new Shake ‘n Make cocktail menu! Sound interesting? Read on.

Firstly you order your drink. You can choose from a selection of camply named concoctions only you drink doesn’t exactly get to you… the ingredients do. You’ll be presented with a platter including a frosted martini glass, shaker filled with ice and a set of shot glasses each containing the potions needed for your drink of choice.

Once you’ve poured your colourful liquids into the shaker it’s time to work some muscle. Shake it!

Bish, bash, bosh. Cocktail served. And all for £5.95! Ahem… it’s your round.

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