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MFN Hits the High Street

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Following on from our high street check up last month, MFN has been out and about asking our proud independents how they are fairing in February.

We asked 30 retailers across Manchester if they have had to let staff go and 70 percent of them said no. Store owners felt it would be detrimental to the image of the brand to have less staff, as not only do the staff help sell the brand they also put a much needed face to the company.

Our results have also shown that stores have noticed and increase in student traffic through the doors, this is not surprising as student loans come whatever the weather. However will this lead to a shift in product stores are providing, will they try to sell to that £5 t-shirt demographic?

Sixty percent of our store owners also admitted to carrying out silent sales this month, still with up to 70% off of product, one of the benefits of being a small retailer. Although some of the retailers questioned were not forthcoming with sales information, they did all admit to a drop off in sales.  Peter Leach from Intro explained “Traffic in-store is the same, if not more it’s just the conversion rate of customers has slipped”.


 ”we feel our sales help us to maintain our customer base”


Fletch, Post Office Northern Quarter


 "We intend to work with more events and offer more bespoke clothing and designers to tackle drops in sales."

                                                                                                       Maria Unique Boutique

 Watch this space or more information!

We would like to thank all of the stores that have taken part.


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Morgan Nolan on 2nd March 2009 at 12:35PM

'I really think it is about time the media start to put a positive spin on this 'credit crap' people still need clothes, they still need to eat be entertained and be happy! If your product is good enough then i reckon you will do alright

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