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The Manchester Fashion Network Summer Party

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If your reading this there may be a chance you didn’t make it to the exclusive MFN Spring Summer party last week, shame on you!

Here’s the low down:

Our summer party  sponsored by Schweppes Russchian in association with Damaged Jeans called in the fashion folk from the four corners of North.  Guests included the Photo-Link guys, sjstling, Umbro, Henleys, Galaxy radio, Live Manchester and many more....


The night was held in Northern Quarter Japanese canteen Walrus, with music provided by Odd bars resident DJ Mr Ben. Attendees were also treated to a wide selection of canapés as well as gallons of  free cocktails provided by Schweppes Russchain. As the night went on and the crowd begun to sweat vodka out, the news drew in of Michael Jacksons death, after a brief silence the party ensued.



The last to leave award goes to

Duty Free clothing team


The cainer award goes to

Ziggy from Lavelle Division


Best dress

Were all winners!


Special thanks to Damaged Jeans, Schweppes Russchian, the General Store and Walrus


See you at the Next MFN Party



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