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Ada Zanditon at LFW

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At the Ada Zanditon show, a sense of excitement and anticipation took over the scene on the front row. Being sat next to Ada's tutors and parents meant for long discussions about the brilliance of emerging talent and how the future of fashion seems more promising after each show. Both William Tempest and Zanditon were in the same class and according to their tutors, their skill was pretty much apparent from the outset. With all that being said, as the lights went down and the first model came out there was definitely some pressure on the designer to wow all the beady eyes staring at her hard work. For me the collection overall was a bit hit and miss, whilst I absolutely adored all the separates, they somehow didn't come together perfectly in the style I would have loved for myself. I was hoping for more of her beautiful prints, painstakingly created by the designer herself, but as always in young designers shows, there have to be the more simple garments to sell. In this case, there was knitwear covering a few of the bold ensembles, something you can deal with when the prints are that extraordinary.


Although it may seem as though the collection didn't work from these points, it has to be said that all the separate pieces of work would look phenomenal mixed and matched with other items. To begin with, the shoes alone created a buzz instantly as re-upholstered shoe boots matched the prints of the bold dresses and feathered wedges created a complimentary iridescent glow. Then the collaboration with Luca Romanyi on the jewellery looked absolutely divine in movement. Recycled eco resin branches dangled down the backs of models, swaying with the rhythm of the soundtrack. At first I thought these were coral shapes, a total idiotic mistake as they actually represent the trees that bats fly through, contributing to the inspiration of the collection perfectly.


The clothes themselves had a sublime colour palette as neon pink managed to work perfectly with lilacs and pale blues. Favourites had to be the jumpsuits with Ada's signature patterns as they meshed so well with the shoes and jewellery.If the designer had kept to more looks like these, cohesion would have been much more obvious. Remembering the aesthetic of eco-friendly clothing, you appreciate the designs much more for their wearability and ethical nature. The silk/satin dresses were another instance of good and bad. The longer line dresses didn't have as much presence as the shorter versions, as streamlined additions of fabric moved like wings as they walked down the catwalk. The colours slotted into the collection very well as the sheen of the silk reflected beautifully through the coral necklaces. Overall, a collection with the cliché of 'something for all' as bold prints for the brave and muted jackets for the not so brave, rule.


Images and words by Lauren Goddard.


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