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No shave today, beard tomorrow!

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Summer has finally hit. Aside from the odd rainy outburst in Manchester the weather really does seem to be perking up. Guys, out come the flip-flops, shorts, sunglasses and erm beards…

It has become increasingly apparent this season that the most sought after and hottest male accessory is in fact the beard. Yes, you heard correct. Long gone are the days of shaving to achieve that smooth exterior…this summer and through to winter it's all about embracing your inner caveman and growing a bit of rough!

This all may seem quite the unlikely trend for men in recent times, but look no further than the fashion industry and you shall see why a new breed of man is stepping into style. Recently fashion advertising campaigns by French Connection and All Saints, decidedly turned their backs on the atypical skinny indie-boy silhouette that once showcased angelic androgyny to perfection. Instead these high street powerhouses have swayed back to a more masculine, hench-worthy figured man to represent them in the style stakes. Beard clad and all.



French Connection's ads are particularly powerful with a handsome yet unconventionally smart man fronting the brand and carrying off possibly the biggest beard ever sported by a model high street sweetheart. Pictured in many a comfortable stance, with enlightening statements such as ‘Man should be brave’ and ‘I like my trousers you should like my trousers’ emblazoned across his portrait. The model acts almost like a protagonist, creating an exceptionally humorous narrative through the expression of his views on fashion, culture and lifestyle whilst casually sporting his summer wardrobe. With this unkempt mature selection of model that’s noticeably more individual than your average pretty boy, his home-grown facial hair and relaxed poise come across effortlessly as that guy next door whose stylish clobber you simply want and must have!



Suggestively looking to also have been influenced by the heightened appreciation for relaxed street style, these ads undoubtedly reflects the important fact that men want to get back to their roots…less preening and more grrrrrrr!

With a boho friendly appeal, the beard is transforming the modern man into an original piece of eye-candy that’s edging further away from the metro-sexual male we know to date. A guy who wears it very well is Devendra Banhart, an all round talented musician, artist and creative being extraordinaire.



Take a leaf out of his style bible, let it grow and simply embrace your inner bohemia! Just think facial hair is an extension of your personality it creates more mystery and adds originality no-one wants to look like a clean-shaven clone forever!

Men's Quarterly at Harvey Nichols

The recently opened “Men's Quarterly” at Harvey Nichols, Manchester is the first dedicated men's grooming section in the department store. All the male grooming products used to be intermingled in with women's products but now they have a whole section dedicated to themselves. This creates a less intimidating atmosphere for their male customers, making their shopping experience a much more pleasant one. Currently Harvey Nichols have some great products available within the Men's Quarterly, here's MFN's top picks;

Kyoku Exfoliating Scrub -


Incorporates ancient Japanese knowledge of the active properties in natural extracts with up to the minute scientific research, resulting in the ultimate luxury grooming line for the active urban lifestyle. This one is MFN's tried and tested top pick. Made from the highest quality of ingredients and leaves your skin tingling, it's a snip at £19.50.

Korres Absinthe Shave Cream -


Absinthe extract, rich in essential oils and “flavonoids”, soothes the skin and protects from irritation. An ingredient rich cream that ensures a close shave by helping the razor glide on the skin. This product is £16.50 on its own but also comes in a men's travel kit, which is well worth a few more pounds. If you want great smelling products, Korres is the right stop. A must-have product.

Soap & Glory Soaper Hair and Body Wash -


An all-in-one super-conditioning hair and body wash for men that cleans, cools and makes you tingle all over. Coming in at the lower price range but their quirky products aren't to be laughed. You can treat your fella for under £4.

All products available at Harvey Nichols


Words by Kate Alexandra Mcleish and Matthew Pike


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