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Matthew Williamson At The Urbis, The Low Down

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Williamson Marks His Return, With His Fashion Milestone


 By Amy W 


 It has taken us a decade to bring him home but Matthew Williamson finally returned for the launch of his ‘10 Years in Fashion’ exhibition.Born and Bread in Manchester, Matthew Williamson’s creations have adorned the likes of Kylie Minogue, Sienna Miller, Jade Jagger and Kiera Knightly and we were certainly proud to welcome him back home. 

 The invitation only launch was filled with the glamorous elite of Manchester and the few soap stars that were there found it hard to upstage this elite. After prancing down the red carpet posing for the paparazzi they just blended into the fashionable crowd that were eagerly awaiting for Matthew to appear.   With free cocktails upon arrival, there was certainly time to meet and mingle with the other guests whilst listening to the tunes that were selected by Matthew especially for the night. Enjoying the cocktails and music it felt more like a reception than the launch of an exhibition. The DJ played music throughout the night, but there always seemed to be the expectation that someone may announce Matthew to the stage, or announce the freedom for guests to roam around the exhibition.   


When Matthew finally appeared after being interviewed, you couldn’t help but notice him. His elegant looks, big blue-green eyes, sculpted cheekbones and beautifully tailored suit with fuchsia lining, certainly made him look the part of a top fashion designer. However there is no ‘Diva-esque’ attitude when it comes to Matthew. He simply defines his career as "Exhilarating, challenging and passionate".  Unlike his ex lover/ current business partner who certainly caused quite a stir over the cocktails. As a rule it was one free cocktail upon arrival, and no matter whom you are it seemed that this rule stuck. When Joseph Velosa, went to take another cocktail, it nearly ended up in fisticuffs with the barman, who grabbed the drink back and told him he had to pay. 


The exhibition not only captured his most creative masterpieces in four themes; colour and psychedelia, hyper-nature, global extravaganza and lifestyle but also allowed an insight in to Matthew as a child and fashion student. His sketchbooks showed us his initial inspiration of patterns, textures, and colours to the finished product worn on the catwalk.  

Asked how it felt to be back in Manchester, Matthew replied “It’s great, all my friends are here, my families here, half the people I knew from twenty years ago! It’s all a bit weird but good. I’m enjoying it.”

You can take the boy out of Manchester, but it seems you can’t take Manchester out of Matthew Williamson; He will always have his northern style.    



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