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5 Minutes with: Disneyrollergirl

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Navaz Batliwalla aka Disneyrollergirl shared her blogging advice with The Fashion Network


On Wednesday 25th April The Fashion Network hosted An Evening with Disneyrollergirl at the Flannels store in Manchester’s The Avenue in Spinningfields, and we got the chance to chat to Navaz Batliwalla about her successful fashion insider blog and get her advice for other upcoming and potential bloggers.



Can you tell our readers a little bit about the ethos around your blog?

It’s basically always been a way of me emptying my head. There is so much information that gets soaked up that I just needed somewhere to put it all. My blog is a place to put my ideas and theories, to mull things over. I find that going back to it later, the ideas then start to develop. I talk about all sorts of things. Mainly fashion, but also art, skateboarding etc, and it’s very self-indulgent - it’s about me. It doesn’t really feature much PR generated content.


What do you think has made your blog successful? Did you have a plan?

I started the blog in 2007 and noone really had a plan then. I wrote it as an anonymous blog, and I didn’t really think people would read it. It developed through like-minded bloggers forming a community and commenting on each others’ blogs, and the community grew. When it started out it was just a tool for me to see if I could get to grips with the platform. I started out posting as and when, and actually it was easier back then, when people weren’t waiting for your next post and expecting certain things.


Would you say you should be directive with your blog and make sure it has a purpose, or should you just blog about what you like?

You just need to know why you are doing it. You can have the purpose of self-expression, and that’s a great purpose. But if you have a money-making agenda you would perhaps need to narrow your focus and have an ‘essence’ to make you stand out. This would help you write as well, as you’d have a brief to work to. I’d really just advise that you have a strong voice, whether that is visual or verbal.




What’s been your most successful blog post and why?

To be honest I don’t monitor my traffic that closely, so I couldn’t say! I don’t get hung up on the numbers.


What would be your advice to people considering writing a blog or struggling with an existing one?

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The best posts are spontaneous, so take the pressure off and don’t give yourself deadlines! When blogging really took off people assumed that they had to be super-bloggers to be successful, but blogging is supposed to be a raw form of communication. Play to your strengths, whether that is an eye for fashion or whatever, as this will make things easier, and go with the flow. Don’t forget what made you want to do it in the first place.


Finally, do you have a top blogging tip?

It’s not just about the blog. Platforms such as Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest allow you to get your message across, and your content across these platforms can be very varied. You’ll be able to reach different groups of people and get your message out there. Tumblr in particular is really easy and natural, communicates what you are about and is good for re-blogging.


Also, have fun and enjoy it. Don’t get too serious too early on, and don’t get hung up on the numbers!


Interview by Jennifer Scrafton

Photography by Luke Sampson




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