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Omater, The Interview

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Chris Meets Up With The Omater For A Chat!

Location: The Corner House Oxford Road

By Chris Brooks

The Manchester Fashion Network found this rough diamond playing on a 70’s juke box nestled in one of the cities coolest bars ODD bar in the Northern Quarter at the start of the year.  Having finally tracked her down Chris being the musical guru of the team, we saw it as only right to send him along to find out a little bit more about this mysterious lady.  


Chris: The Manchester Fashion Network is striving to be at the forefront of all things cultural in Manchester, are you aware of what we do?

 Omater: "Yeah I have heard the name, it seems like a cool network that promotes new music and fashion, I’ve heard that you have worked with Matthew Williamson and some other very high profile people. "

Chris: So onto your music, who would you say were your influences and what are you aiming for?

 Omater: "The music is called selfunkinsoul, It’s primarily music for the soul, it’s quite funky and bluesy, it comes from a base of pop music, it’s all pop music, great melodies, great hooks, great baselines and great riffs, just great songs!"

 Chris: Do you believe there is a link between your art and fashion? Does this have an influence on you? 

Omater: "Definitely, it seems that at the moment all the deals that artists are getting are branding deals, I am influenced by them, I love my streetwear brands such as Fred Perry, Adidas, Superdry. Ultimately fashion and music are intertwined, art isn’t just music, what we wear is how we express ourselves, music and fashion have always had that link."

Chris: You describe your songs as Selfunkinsoul, what makes it soul? 

Omater: "The soul is the content of the lyrics, and the depth of our connection within all of us, it’s about the depth of my being, it is a baring of my soul through the music. "

Chris: Does it have any relation to the Northern Soul scene that we had up here specifically in Wigan at Casino and Twisted Wheel here in Manchester? 

Omater: "Possibly, I believe that everything is linked, and growing up that scene was certainly around, so maybe it had an influence in me loving Nina Simone and Stevie Wonder. And Northern Soul coming from very American, teamed with the grit and determination that I think we have here in the North. "

Chris:Is there an overriding message comes through from your music? 

Omater:    "My music is ultimately about light and dark, and the drama that comes from the journey we all make, without which we would all live like drones, so it’s about staying positive and not being too depressed. Although there are slow tracks the positivity should shine through." 

Chris: If there was one venue you could play where would it be? 

Omater: "Times Square in New York." 

Chris: Who has been the best act that you have seen live? 

Omater: "Jill Scott, vocally she is amazing and that she bares herself onstage."  

Chris: So what’s next for Omater? 

Omater: "Getting bigger and better, touring more and getting as big as I can, getting my songs out there and shifting consciousness"    

Omater then rode of into the distance, will we see her again? you bet!

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