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E-commerce & wholesale assistant


Junior position

Elvis Jesus is looking for an e-commerce assistant who can also work on the wholesale side of the business. The ideal candidate will be able to be good at administration, deal with customers both via the website and wholesale customers. You must also have a good grasp of digital marketing and stock management.


You will be responsible for:


-          Handle all website customer enquiries


-          Be point of contact for wholesale enquiries


-          Upload website content


-          Liaise with the EJ warehouse  


-          Check on orders via the stock management system


-          Handle all the social networking


-          Enter all orders on to stock management system


-          Manage stock reports


-          Handle all stock administration


In first instance contact


Salary: Not specified
Job Added by Elvis Jesus
Date Added: 19th October 2011
Closing Date: 1st November 2011

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