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15 Tooley House, Barton Lane, Manchester, m30 0hu





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Beryl Phala is a Manchester based fashion designer. Her fashion brand KhuKhuZ specialises in bespoke and ready to wear range of ladies clothing, based on a distinct style that is produced in unique high quality fashion fabrics. Her unique designs are versatile, classic, timeless and make the wearer stand out from the crowd.


Khukhuz originality and appeal comes from unique fabric prints created exclusively for Khukhuz and a niche market by Beryl Phala. High quality fabrics such as blends of silk, chiffon as well as other carefully sourced fabrics are printed using digital print technology. A fusion of various superior quality fashion fabrics are also used to construct unique hand stitched attire. 

The Khukhuz collection is branded as ‘a fusion of high quality fabrics style to create a contemporary look’. ‘Clothing designed for ladies who are passionate and daring to embrace their femininity...’ ‘KhuKhuz brings you fashion for the Bold and the Beautiful’.

Beryl's creative urge led her to pursue her studies at The Manchester Metropolitan University where she acquired her HND in fashion Design and Technology in 2002. A coupla years later she graduated from The University Of Salford in UK in 2004 and acquired a B.A. (Hons) in Fashion. To credit her business acumen Beryl also holds a Master of Science in Management from The University of Salford, she graduated in 2012.


The KhuKhuZ collections have been showcased at various fashion events around the UK and can now be found in selective retail and online boutiques. You can shop the KhuKhuZ  look by going to our online store here and checking our stockists on this page.


Beryl coordinated and showcased her design and collection during the International Fashion Showcase for the Emerging Talent 2012, working in association with the Botswana High Commission in London, the British Council and the British Fashion Council. One of her designs was shortlisted in the top 8 countries to win the award.


Beryl also organised and coordinated the Botswana Fashion Showwhere she showcased her S/S 2012 collection. The event was held on 24 February 2012 in London during the London Fashion Week. This was collaboration between Botswana High Commission in London and Limkokwing University 


Nominated for the Following Fashion Awards:

1. The International Fashion Showcase for Emerging Talent 2012

2. The 9th Bulgarian Fashion Awards 2013. Selected for the following Awards:

1. Special Award 2013: Top-20 Rank of Fashion Design.

2. Special Award by the Producers: Top-10 Rank List

3. Fan's Special Award for Highest Coefficient of Public Votes: Top-34 Rank List More about the Bulgarian Fashion Awards 2013 can be found here.