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Graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University with a BSc Honours Degree in International Fashion Marketing has not only developed my knowledge but also my passion for the industry and it is one in which i wish to have a career in and am determined to succeed. I am a creative and intelligent individual who will bring exciting ideas and enthusiastic attitude to my job. I have varied experiences of customer service from retail, waitressing, bar work and working at events. My excellent communication skills and adaptability enables me to communicated to a wide range of people from consumers, colleagues, management and business to business confidently and professionally. My inquisitive nature means I ask questions and love exploring new areas, countries, cultures ideas and thoughts. I am excited about beginning a career not just a job.
Currently working for a highstreet store as a specialist.
I am free to relocate to any location.
Please do not hesitate to contact me.
Many Thanks
Alicia Peyrasse