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Stone-Dri began back in the 1940’s when a family of four brothers, trading under the Joseph Stone and Co Ltd name, started to create a quality outerwear brand from their factory in Salford Manchester.

The overcoats they produced were practical, functional and dapper, perfectly complimenting the working gentleman’s conformed 1940’s wardrobe, as well as being suitable for the football terraces of the time.
As the 1950s approached and families’ lifestyles improved, so did the demand for quality outerwear and the Joseph Stone and Co business began to thrive, opening over 100 retail outlets across the North West and Midlands.

By the late 60s Fosters menswear had bought the Stone-Dri business and began rolling out the brand through their stores. It was at this stage that the brand was absorbed into the Fosters business and lost its visibility as the stand alone brand. Then in 2002 Joel Brown, owner of Baker Street Clothing, found an advert on the cover of an old 1953 football program advertising Stone-Dri. This triggered off the inspiration for a rebirth of this classic brand.

By combining the above expertise and Stone-Dri’s history the designers have been able to created a new range that has technical advances such as coated cotton, mixing of Italian wools and durable fabrics, but has kept the heritage of outstanding quality and attention to detail that Joseph Stone and Co created back in 1945, yet still developing it forward in to a brand that is desirable to the modern day consumers’ demands in terms of quality and look.

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Tom Peckett 
07989 999 542

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Emma Doyle
07932 370 815