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Tim Marner.

Last logged in...26-01-2012 09:50:28

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Coming up with ideas for your brand is like getting ready for a night on the tiles – you want to make yourself look the most attractive without looking like you’ve tried at all. Effortless, if you will. Then when you find that special someone, the aim is to find out what they want, when they want it, and (keep with us here, we’re in an analogy and it’s hard to get out) how much they need and deliver it to them using only the most relevant tricks. Make them happy and they’ll be drawn to you, maybe you’ll start dating. Maybe love will blossom. Maybe they’ll then see those pictures of you on that work do on Facebook and the whole process will start over again...


There’ll be no gratuitous creativity from us, nor will we say we’ll call when we won’t... We know every aspect of a photographic shoot - from art direction concept to retouching - can influence a customer’s decision to buy from you. Sure, our work always looks amazing, but pretty isn’t everything - it’s what’s inside that counts.